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Új Széchenyi Terv

Quality policy of T-Trans Főép Kft.

Corporate social responsibility - environmental protection

Our health protection, security technology and environmental strategy pays special attention to the protection of the cleanliness and the comprehensive rehabilitation of our environment.

In order to eliminate contaminations we use environment-friendly materials, equipments and technologies thus trying to minimize the damage to our environment.

We conduct our activities by taking the environmental aspects into account and in full compliance with the relevant statutory. Dust and noise protection, waste management.

By taking collective measures we reduce the dust and noise pollution caused during our activity, whereas we strive to minimize and recycle generated waste by using modern materials and technologies.

Quality Management System – ISO 9001, 14001, MSZ EN 28001

Our company operates an integrated management system with ISO 9001, 14001, MSZ EN 28001 certifications, and is in line with the international standards.

By introducing and applying an ISO 9001 quality management system we take all efforts to provide our existing and prospective customers with service of the highest quality.

By using the environment-focused ISO 14001 system our company contributes to the realization of an environment-savvy corporate operation in full compliance with the legislation required by law and the relevant technical requirements.

Following the MSZ EN 28001 standard, in its long-term strategy T-Trans Főép Kft. focuses on the creation of its employees’ safety, the protection and improvement of its employees’ health, the minimization of occupational hazards and on the prevention of accidents by taking efficient measures.

We regularly review our systems, we aim to carry out developments by applying new technologies; for this purpose we pay special attention to respecting our excellent professionals and to developing their knowledge continuously.

Our objectives

Creation and long-term maintenance of a quality-focused, dynamically developing, grand construction company, by also taking into account the human and economic values recognized in the industry.

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