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Új Széchenyi Terv


T-Trans Főép Kft., a company sited in Budapest builds a logistics centre as an investment of HUF 1.3 billion; the company utilizes an EU fund of HUF 500 million for the investment. The foundation stone of the facility will be placed in the industrial park of Szekszárd by Csaba Tóth, Chief Executive Officer and Rezső Ács (Fidesz-KDNP), mayor of the county seat of Tolna County on 08/06/2015.

The two storage buildings of a total layout area of 7,500 square meters will be completed in September, and will be used for the storage of food products. The buildings of A+ energetics category will be equipped with a solar system (with a power capacity of one hundred kilowatts) and a heat pump.

The reference works of the company founded in 2006 includes several commercial and heavy construction investments, for example the construction of hotels; the one to be constructed in Szekszárd will be the first logistics centre in the company’s history.

The company with net sales revenue of HUF 1,5 billion in 2013 and HUF 3 billion in 2014 and employing 25 persons expects the increase of its sales revenue by HUF 400-500 million from the logistics division, and creates 15 jobs at the site in Szekszárd.

Name of the beneficiary T-Trans Főép Kft.
Location Szekszárd
Project ID number GOP-3.2.1-11-2013-0008
Implementation location Szekszárd
Eligible costs in the project 1 229 551 630 Ft
Amount of EU fund provided 491 697 696 Ft
Share of EU fund provided (%) 39,99%
Planned completion date of the project 2015 november 30.

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